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December 2019
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Humanity, professionalism and enthusiasm



Ms Marzia Del Prete (President)

 She graduated in Economics and Law of the Enterprises at the Luiss Guido Carli University of Rome in 2003, completed a Master in Marketing and Communication and one in ICT. She worked as a Brand and Product Manager respectively in P&G Canada and H3G Italia. She then worked as a directional strategic consultant for the Value Partner Group and for Deloitte Consulting spa. She is specialized in business ‘ strategy and organization, product/project and program management, integrated marketing and communication plans (both traditional and web ones). She’s skilled in the working out of Business Plans.

Since various years she performs surveys and researches about work economy and investigates on the new frontiers of experential education for personal development as the basis to improve managerial skillls, leadership and social responsibility of people (men and women) inside the organizations.

She’s Rebecca’s mom.



Ms Erika Del Prete (Planning and Control)

She graduated in Economics at the Luiss Guido Carli University of Rome, with a specialization in business’ management. Skilled in auditing, management, balance, finance and control, as well as in special law projects as l.262/2005.

She worked in Delotte & Touche in the “Audit” role as skilled auditor and she is now working for a company belonging to the Group Ferrovie dello Stato spa in the field of Financial Administration Function, Planning and Control.








Mr Alessandro Gazzillo (Management and Treasury)

He is a Chemical Technician and works at IBI spa. He is skilled about the on-line selling channel.

He is a music author and composer. He represents fathers within the association.

He’s Rebecca’s father.









Mr Francesco De Simone (Projects Development)

He graduated in Engineering of Telecommunication at the University “Federico II” of Naples, he completed a second level master in software engineering at the University of Sannio and a master in ICT at the “IPE” University College. He is a CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate), a Genesys (Genesys Certified Professional 7 System Consultant, Voice Platform) and he obtained an FCE (First Certificate in English). He worked as a computer consultant skilled in ERP at the IT Staff, as a R&D engineer at the Alenia Aeronautica (group of Finmeccanica) and at Atos Origin (Engineering group). He then dealt with IPCC (IP contact center) system integration’s solutions at the Alcatel-Lucent and with solution engineering at the Italtel. Afterwards he covered the role of Project Manager at the Value Team.

He is now an Executive for AGCom (Authority for communication’s guarantees).


Ms Dora Di Napoli (Projects Development)

She gratuated in Electronic Engineering at the University of Salerno. She cooperated with the University of Salerno as an enthusiast about the subject of electromagnetic fields, taking part to teaching and research activities. She is the author of 5 international articles about subjects concerning the propagation of electromagnetic fields both in flat structures and in space. She then dealt with IPCC (IP contact center) system integration’s solutions at the Alcatel-Lucent.

She is now an Executive for AGCom (Authority for communication’s guarantees) dealing above all with subjects concerning the quality of services and the measure and performances of broadband connections’ quality for both fixed and mobile network.


Mr Marco Ielpo (Web Area)

Graduated in Engineering of Telecommunication, he works for software development/test in different professional areas.

He is an enthusiast of Writing, Web, Digital Publishing, took part at different events promoted by the Coop Ambasciatori and Feltrinelli book libraries in Bologna on loud reading occasions.

He published, under the name of Jeco, a book/ebook called “Running times” where he narrates in a poetical and ironical way themes connected to the society’s change, new technologies and our days’ contradictions.




Mr Alessandro Vaccaro (Projects Development)

He graduated in Industrial Engineering at the University of Palermo with a specialization in production and control. He works for Soft-Strategy S.r.L. His skills concern the following fields: Corporate Governance & Strategy – ICT Security & Privacy – Telco & Networking. He is at the moment involved in activities of Project Management – Business Processes – Regulatory Compliance.






Ms Sofia Cerruti (Architect)

She graduated in Architecture at the “Federico II” University of Naples, in the year 2000 she obtained the qualification for her professional practice and since then she’s worked within the areas of planning and management of public and private works. 
The participation to the training course for “Security Coordinator for Works’ Planning and Execution” (in compliance with Law Decrees 528/99, 494/96 and 626/94 as well as Law Decrees. 81/2008 and s.m. and i.) allowed her to perform the activity of security coordinator during the execution of works.
After obtaining the 1° level certificate of the National Bioarchitecture Course from INBAR (National Bioarchitecture Institute) she performed activities of research and organization of workshops about the built environmental sustainability by the Order of the Architects of Salerno.
Since 2006 she’s worked above all on environmental subjects, performing the role of consultant for some sectorial companies, especially for the realization of plants dedicated to the energy production from renewable sources.




Ms Angelucci Michela (Gynaecologist)

She graduated in Medical and Surgery School in 2005 at the Campus Bio Medico University of Rome. She’s a specialist in Gynaecology and Obstetrics since 2010, at the moment she is a Ph. D. Candidate at the Campus Bio Medico University of Rome and performs her clinical activity within the Gynaecology and Obstetrics ward of the same hospital structure.






Ms Nella Dugo (Gynaecologist)

She graduated in Medical and Surgery School in 2007 at the University of Messina. She’s at the moment peforming the activity of Doctor in Specialistical Training within the School of Specialization in Gynaecology and Obstetrics of the Campus Bio Medico University of Rome.










Ms Conforti Sofia (Teacher)

She’s a teacher at the Don Lorenzo Milani primary school. She’s mom of two teenage daughters.









Ms Lorena Picchio (Management Assistant)

She graduated in Engineering for Environment and Territory at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. She collaborated with the Department of Technical Physics within the University “La Sapienza” of Rome in the role of consultant for the Technical Secretary of the General Direction for Nature Protection– Unit VI “Conservation of the marine territory against pollution” of the Ministry for Environment and Territory and Sea Conservation. Afterwards she dealt with the planning and management of pneumatic transport plants for the Organic Waste System, Automatic Waste System and Laundry System lines within the Oppent SpA. At the moment she works for Kinexia SpA, as a Project Manager for the activities of development, building and management of electric energy production plants coming from renewable sources (like biomasses, photovoltaic systems, windpower energy). She’s Alice’s mom.