Mother, woman...NannY. Why not?New announcement for the selection and training of educators

Are you an English mothertongue or do you have a very good knowledge of English, you love children and live in Italy? Mom&Woman Onlus is looking for you. Committed since ever in the balancing of women’s family-work loads, Mom&Woman is looking for people to add at its staff, after a training for the association’s experimental-pedagogical model.


As a matter of fact, in order to attain the association’s aims, offering conciliation services of a very high quality standard for the formation, care and well-being of children, Mom&Woman has adopted an own experimental-pedagogical model, whose study and knowledge is preparatory to the Association’s work.


The training course

Our training course is a unique one, it starts from the selection of unemployed mothers and women and allows them to have access to a practical-experiential training which brings them to be competitive within the job world for what concerns the conciliation services of the Association (especially the NannY).

Mom&Woman Onlus’ Nannies are excellence professional figures within the pedagogical field, who convey the Association’s model dedicated to the development of the side thought, of creativity and of the English language learning since the very first months of life. Moreover, they are able to answer to different families’ needs, both from a pedagogical and a psychological point of view, as support to parenthood and to the inter-generation relationship.


Apart from the very good knowledge of the English language, the applicants must own one of the following study degrees:

  • Specialistic psychology degree
  • Pedagogy degree
  • Foreign languages and literatures degree (English)
  • Science of education degree
  • Professional high-school leaving qualification as Assistant of Infantile Community
  • Kindergarten’s teacher qualification
  • Pediatric nurse qualification
  • Children’s watcher qualification
  • Children’s assistant qualification
  • Diploma with specialization in teacher training and have at least one proved year of experience in the area of children’s formation.

To have access to our selection, please fill in the attachement n.1 at the bottom of the announcement page, add your cv and copy of your identity card, failure to do this will result in the exclusion from the selection, anyway there is the necessity of a formal verification before the working collaboration. Applications must be sent by the 28th February 2014 to the following e-mail address:

  •  donaz