Together we can be builders of a new economic-solidarity model having ethics as its most important asset

Foglie - Jamila Campagna

Foglie – Jamila Campagna


Being publicly acknowledged as an enterprise that is ethically and socially responsible, committed in the respect of human rights and which cares for environment, is a true competitive advantage.

One’s own image is an intangible asset that improves value and supports growth in time.

A partnership with Mom&Woman Onlus represents for every enterprise the strengthening of its own ethical image for the protection of human rights. Enterprise Social Responsibility through Mom&Woman Onlus means creating a value by gambling on the individual’s respect and enhancement, for both men and women. It means developing conciliation’s projects for one’s own employees.

It means supporting female leadership as much as the male one. By cooperating with us on these subjects, you will at the same time finance the projects’ development on behalf of mothers and women who suffer real disadvantage situations and on their children’s behalf. In other words, you will encourage motherhood in all of its contexts and bring our Country back to a kind of birthrate different from zero. You will support female employment and all that follows in terms of GDP’s growth.


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