The advantages of a Partnership with Mom&Woman Onlus

If you are an enterprise and want to collaborate with Mom&Woman Onlus, you can choose among different possibilities:

  • business nurseries:with EnterpriseTeacher&Kids we offer to the enterprise our excellence pedagogical services dedicated to babyhood and childhood, in order to facilitate the family-work loads of employed mothers;
  • co-marketing: destination of a part of the sale incomes of a specific product/service to one of Mom&Woman Onlus’projects;
  • economic sponsorship: economic support in the organization of events promoted by Mom&Woman Onlus, contributions for the realization of catalogues, publications, videos, films;
  • technical sponsorship: support through the donation of goods or services offered for free.  For example, products, advertising spaces, structures and services for the mounting of exhibitions, stalls or events;
  • liberal donation: through an economic donation, the enterprise can directly contribute to the functioning of a specific project.

For any information about parternships, please write to, President of Mom&Woman Onlus.

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