Donate your 5x1000 to Mom&Woman Onlus

There is a way of contributing to the activities of Mom&Woman Onlus totally free: donating the 5×1000 of your income tax statement.

Mom&Woman Onlus’ tax code is: 91115510595

What to do in order to donate your 5×1000 to Mom&Woman Onlus

If you fill in the 730 or Unico model

  1. Complete the form on the 730 or Unico model;
  2. put your signature in the box indicated by “Support to voluntary work…”;
  3. write inside the box Mom&Woman Onlus’ tax code: 91115510595.

SIf you are not obliged to present your income tax statement

Even if you don’t present your income tax statement, you can donate your 5×1000 to Mom&Woman Onlus:

  1. Fill in the form given to you together with the CUD by your employer or by the institution allocating your pension, put your signature in the box indicated by “Support to voluntary work…” and indicate Mom&Woman Onlus’ tax code: 91115510595;
  2. Put the form inside an envelope;
  3. On the envelope write “ASSIGNMENT OF 5X10000 “ and indicate your name, surname and National Insurance Number;
  4. Deliver it to a postal office or to a bank – that receive it for free- or to a qualified intermediate for its telematic transmission (CAF, chartered accountants…).


Would you like to help us promoting the 5×1000 in order to support  Mom&Woman Onlus’ projects?

Download and send the postcard to your e-mail contacts  or print it and hand it out to your friends.

Postcard 5×1000 Mom&Woman Onlus

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