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Mani - Jamila Campagna

Mani – Jamila Campagna


We have to become the change we want to see.

Change is possible if the game’s rules change, if solidarity becomes exchange and sharing of knowledge and professionalism, if the enhancement of female skill becomes the key variable from which we cannot prescind.

This is why choosing a HomeTeacher&Kids or a NannY for “our” children, or buying the t-shirt of Mom&Woman Onlus means much more than choosing a normal service or an object. At the same time you are supporting change, encouraging female employment and lifting many families together with us. You can give us the possibility of developping our solidarity projects with regards to underpriviledged women and mothers. The result is that, together, we can build a fairer society for our children’s future.

What we do is only a drop of water into the ocean, but if that drop of water lacked, the ocean would miss it (Mother Teresa of Calcutta)


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