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October 2019
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We protect the civil rights of underpriviledged moms and women


Mani - Jamila Campagna

Mani – Jamila Campagna

Ours is a solidarity-economic model which is focused on moms and women’s skill’s enhancement. We protect the civil rights of mothers and women who are underprivileged from an economic, social and welfare point of view. We supply health and psychological aid for the rehabilitation of moms and women, we guarantee them a high level of training aimed to their new allocation inside the job market, we create new job opportunities enhancing their skill, or we simply help them in the search of a new job. We support the female entrepreneurial activity and the creation of pink start-ups because there is evidence that the enterprises managed by women produce the double of incomes. We try to aid the balance of the loads between family and work thanks to our conciliation services, and we encourage the affirmation of female leadership so that always more women and mothers may reach, in Italy, the adequate power positions in every economic, political and social context.

We foster their managing, human and relational potential, their skills, strength, courage and determination with a high level of professionalism, humanity and enthusiasm.

An underprivileged woman or mother who enters the heart of solidarity of Mom&Woman Onlus, knows she can find dedicated and affirmed professional people who will enhance her skills, first of all as a person, and will give her a new professionalism, supporting her in the balance between family and work loads.


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