We supply a real aid to moms and women in balancing their family and work loads



The changes that characterize our society today, especially for what concerns the families’ composition, the job market, the politics of employment and welfare, present some features that act in a different way on men and women.

Recent surveys show how, in periods of economic-social crises, women are more exposed to risks essentially because of a non equal distribution of opportunities and of the reduced power acknowledged to them in different areas of the social organization. Despite the female emancipation’s process already started in our Country since some decades, there still are serious disparity situations between sexes: it seems that the load of disfunctions and contradictions that make the family management’s duties be incompatible with the job outside home, with the cities’ life style, with the organization of those services that should answer to the citizens’ needs, must be supported only by women.

Women’s problems reflect such contradictions and make them more visible.

This is why it is a matter of urgency that of finding new solutions to those problems, felt more by women, that anyway affect the entire society (like, for example, the employment insecurity, the little acknowledgement of work qualities, the non supportable family loads and the births’ decrease, the immigrants’ integration difficulties, the problems connected to the availability of infrastructures and services). Recognizing to women the same economic, social and political opportunities as to men, as well as real possibilities of conciliation between times and spaces of life and work, means creating a fairer society, that respects the differences meant as a wealth and not as a hindrance, for a harmonic civil progress.

With its HomeTeacher&Kids, EnterpriseTeacher&Kids and NannY services, Mom&Woman Onlus wants to offer a real aid in the balancing of the family-work loads to the employed women.

Our conciliation services are innovative, thought in order to bring the child back at the centre of cures, formation and love, offering his mother the possibility of working with serenity.


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