We support employed moms in the balancing of their family-work loads, also inside the enterprise

An EnterpriseTeacher&Kids is like a HomeTeacher&Kids built inside the enterprise and planned on the basis of the business needs. We also help the human resources function in the sharing of the project with employed moms and dads, creating a parenthood support even inside the enterprise.

A kindergarten inside the enterprise is the right solution for the mothers who work, who improve their productivity and creativity and it is loyalty-inducing with regards to the enterprise.

An EnterpriseTeacher&Kids helps moms not to exit the job market and to enhance their professionalism within the business context.

For information or contacts, please write to  info@mom-woman.com



What is the meaning of having a kindergarten managed by Mom&Woman Onlus inside the enterprise

Materhood is the most beautiful and important thing a woman may experience. It represents the miracle of life that comes true. But, even because of maternity a woman can, in Italy, encounter some problems. She can have problems at work, because it seems like she comes back from the maternity leave like a war maimed survivor  who, therefore, must be somehow exempted from work. Actually, the blind people are the employers who consider her this way. A mom is a resource, not a war survivor. She’s a resource because motherhood improves and strenghtens creativity (this is affirmed by psychologists), because she can perform all of her duties more and better than a business manager.

Mom&Woman Onlus wants to bring inside the enterprise instruments of family-work conciliation for the employed mothers, so that they can have the mental tranquillity needed to work in harmony for the attainment of the business purposes.


Here are our key points:

Qualified people and continuous training

Prevailing pedagogical aspect

Regular children’s protection

Teaching workshops that spur creativity since the very first months of life (Mom&Woman Onlus’ experimental method)

English language from the very first months of life

Paths structured according to the age ranges

Organic diet

Eco-friendly environment

Playing structured on eco-toys

Open door service

Support to parenthood even inside the enterprise

Regular psychological and pedagogical support

Evening time band included

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