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Service’s description

HomeTeacher&Kids is the project concerning family nurseries in English language, managed by Mom&Woman Onlus. It is a socio-pedagogical-recreational service meant and developped for our children, addressed to boys and girls belonging to the age range going from 3 months to 3 years old, which is willing to encourage the pedagogical and socialization opportunities of children, as well as to enhance the parents’ role in their pedagogical activity, foreseeing their direct involvement. This kind of service is helped by the presence of specialized people: the Mom&Woman Teachers, who are qualified for teaching to babies and children, trained following the experimental method proposed by Mom&Woman Onlus. Formation, cure and love for children are the prevailing aspect of our method.

Mom&Woman Onlus’ pedagogical experimental method re-interprets and internalizes the thought of important authors like Montessori and Munari, bringing the child back to the centre of a natural and recreational formation that teaches him/her the respect for the environment and to build his/her life by developping his/her side thought. HomeTeacher&Kids is a service which places maximum 5 children in an environmental and social context resembling the family one.

The HomeTeacher&Kids may be performed both at the teacher or at the mother’s place. In this last case, the mom who takes part to the project, welcoming in her home other 4 children, will have the nursery service for free during the whole year as well as a Mom&Woman Teacher for its management.

Mom&Woman Teachers are equipped with a kit of eco-games and, through creative workshops, will teach children to build their games even using recycle materials (for example, dolls’ houses made of cardboard, little cars made of rag, etc.). Children will this way learn to build their lives developping their creativity and their side thought, also respecting environment.

Why did we choose home for our HomeTeacher&Kids?

We choose home for our nurseries because it represents the warm environment that children recognize as their own and helps them facing the problems of urgency, like their mother’s separation, the toys’ sharing, the comparison, the relationship with the others and the discovery that they are different. Mom&Woman Onlus guarantees that the chosen environment is healthy, safe and protected, thanks to the involvement of security specialists.

This service is an “open door” one and is based on a continuous exchange with the parents, who can address themselves to Mom&Woman Onlus in any moment for any kind of need concerning the offered service.

Why do we choose English language since the very first months of baby’s life?

Surveys confirm that the best years to learn a second language are those going from 0 to 6, supported by this certainty, Mom&Woman Onlus activates the first HomeTeacher&Kids totally performed in English, this in order to offer once again the best to children.

The second language’s teaching method is based on some key concepts:

1. attention to the language’s acquisition processes. In the same way as the first language was learnt, in a meaningful emotional context, marked by daily routine, so must the various activities inside Home Teacher&Kids be lived, only using a different language;

2. positive environmental condition. A containing, assuring and cosy environment will put children in the best conditions to test themselves;

3. playing as a vehicle. Playing is the excellent language that children know, thanks to which they express emotions, strenghten their learning, develop socialization.

Children are spurred to dive themselves inside the English language through workshops, within a cosy and relaxed climate. Learning will then be a sort of entertainment and discovery. Solving a problem of communication or performing a simple language duty, will give them satisfaction, will improve security and sense of trust in themselves.

Mom&Woman Teachers will involve little pupils into activities which are going to be performed using the English language, in a gradual and diversified way according to the children’s age:

0-3 years: exclusive use of the second language for the whole nursery’s lenght.

4-5 years: short starting period of coexistence of both languages, gradual replacement of the Italian language with the English one. A passage rite, through the performing of a symbolic gesture, will create a sense of expectations into those children who will welcome with greater receptiveness the new things waiting for them.

Children will learn to communicate, play and think in English with no difficulties, until the right command of both languages.

“Until the age of three-four years the language basic structures are put inside our little brain and stay there forever .If a child learns to perceive and distinguish the characteristic sounds of a language, is not going to risk to become deaf to such sounds or to very slight differences during his growth.” (Paolo Balboni, professor of Language Teaching, Venezia).


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