The sense of our formation activity

Sagome - Jamila Campagna

Sagome – Jamila Campagna


Mom&Woman Onlus’ formation activity happens within a place and a physical and relational space aimed to the planning on individuals and for individuals. Every person has got one’s own inner and outer space which can help him/her to become more aware of his/her own capabilities, of “how or what” he/she can do to realize this and to put him/herself back into play. Mom&Woman Onlus’ formation activity corresponds to the continuous research for the building of a human model that is made above all of lessons of aware skills. It is an uninterrupted discovery and enhancement of ways of behaviour essential to the person, so that this last can consider him/herself owner of humanity.

Our formation activity has also got a strong responsibility, that is to say that of proposing and producing personal growth’s paths without confusing them with the assignment of needs modelled to the structural and performance service’s necessities. In other words, we want to give to the person all the necessary instruments and strategies for the self-building and the realization of one’s own personal life project.

The educator therefore acts in order to use his own skills and the others’ capabilities in the best possible way, not in a passive way, but involving people in the formation project. Above all, he acts in order to find efficient and long-lasting solutions to the socio-educational problems that he encounters.

The educator owns a cognitive sensitivity able to gather and look, inside the problems’ reality, the dimensions of the possible answer or actions to be performed.

This because doing a formation activity for Mom&Woman Onlus first of all means being able to act in a proper way in the personal situation, in the community system and inside its sociality processes, in the management of inter-personal relationships or of possible social nets.


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