Mom&Woman Onlus’ experimental method

Mom&Woman Onlus’ experimental pedagogical method is based on a continuous experimentation and contamination of different artistic languages: narration, music, visual art, construction of games, motor and sensorial experimentation.

Through the proposed workshop activities, in our path adults and children are invited to explore variations, multiply their point of views, measure their limits, search for unique and personal solutions to their own creations.

Experimentation produces a movement, a practical action of thinking and doing, it enriches the emotional-perceptive vision of reality, allows the conquering of autonomy and happiness.

Mom&Woman’s Teachers and Nannies constitute our Association’s “treasure”. They are selected according to their skills, bents and humanity, after undergoing a formation by the professional people inside the Association, they become very precious guides, able of observing, listening to, promoting children’s interests and bents, leaving them free to think and act. They are able to collect spurs and to modify, when necessary, their scheduling, paying attention to every single individual.  They do not convey a lesson, but allow the children to explore discovery and make choices.