Our workshops sharpen creativity and learning of the English language since the very first months of life

Mom&Woman Onlus’ workshops are a place of creativity and learning, experimentation and discovery aquired through games. They are the perfect place of doing, in order to understand where our mind trains itself and where knowledge is built. They represent the maximum synergy between pedagogical encounter, formation and collaboration. A place where to develop one’s skills of observing through eyes and hands, in order to learn how to explore reality throug our senses. Thanks to creativity and to the development of the side thought since childhood, our children will be able to build their own life.

Our workshops are addressed to adults and children, since the age of 3 months to 90 years old!

Making parents and children playing together within the workshop activities is a concept belonging to Mom&Woman Onlus. It is useful for a mutual enhancement and in order to realize Ms Maria Montessori’s motto “help me doing it by myself”.


Why the English language?

The structuring of a formation activity that allows children, in their daily life, to build the basis of their future, means thinking about new horizons and frontiers where also Italy is situated. In order to reach such aim, Mom&Woman Onlus’ experimental pedagogical method dedicates a lot of space to the learing of the English language. English is the most widespread language in the world, the one most used in economy, 75٪ of scientific bibliography is written in English, more than 56٪ of Internet web sites are edited in English.

Since a long time it has been proved wrong that the learning of a second language may interfere with the learning of our own mothertongue, and the most recent psycho-linguistic surveys affirm that the ability of learning a second language never lacks, but for children it happens in a faster and more stable way than for adults (Singleton, 1989).

The temporal gap going from the age of 0 to 8/9 years old is described as the “critical period”, when the mechanism of the linguistic acquisition is at its maximum power from a neurological point of view, after that it reduces itself. Since that age, our brain loses its plasticity and the acquisition of a second language cannot occur in the same natural way as for the first language.

The learning of the English language through the workshop method for children belonging to the age range from 3 months to 3 years old is promoted within the HomeTeacher&Kids, family nurseries managed by Mom&Woman Onlus, or for the age range from 3 months to 15 years old with the NannY service.

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