We help underprivileged women and mothers to create their business idea or we offer them a high level of formation aimed to find a job

Intraprendere - Jamila Campagna

Intraprendere – Jamila Campagna


Listening, advisory and formation services constitute Mom&Woman Onlus’ soul.

Once having rehabilitated women and mothers from a psychological and health care point of view, we enhance their skills putting them back into play within the job market.

We discover the skill hidden in everyone of them and we try to use it in a good way within the job market or entrepreneurship.

The mothers and women who access the heart of solidarity of Mom&Woman Onlus are new people. They are women who conquered their own fullness and right awareness in order to go back to occupy the centre of family and community life.

Our listening techniques and high level of formation guarantee to our moms a new living energy and a new professionalism, to the extent of being carriers of positive messages and change even for their children.

And for those women who have an innovative and winning idea, but do not own the right instruments to realize it, Mom&Woman Onlus becomes a promoter and a tutor for the implementation and growth of pink start-ups.


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