Listening to you, we LISTEN TO OURSELVES…

Listening is a moment of mutual growth. In order it to be efficient, we decided to structure it following some rules.

First rule: “review your skills”

Through the loud reviewing of one’s own skills, Mom&Woman Onlus offers to women and mothers a support useful to better know their own skills and potentialities, to detect their limits and resources and define a professional aim that respects their values, even the personal ones.

Second rule: “train your skill and cultivate the seed inside of yourself”

The group listenings have the purpose of helping understand what our own skills are, how to recognize them and “dig them out”, how to remove the factors that hinder their expression and limit their potential.

Third rule: “communicate for job and for pleasure”

We offer a group listening path useful to learn how to improve one’s own communication style, changing it according to different contexts and interlocutors, in order to be sure that our messagge may arrive in a correct way to its receivers, both in form and content.

Fourth rule: “take care of yourself”

We offer group listening services useful to learn torecognize one’s own resources, by contextualising them for the aims’ attainment and for the development of an action’s plan.

Fifth rule: “don’t be afraid of going back to work after the maternity leave”

We offer group listening services for moms in order to learn how to manage the emotional aspects and be able to face with tranquillity the maternity leave and the return to job.

Sixth rule: “change your difficulties into opportunities”

These kind of listening encounters are addressed to those women who want to learn to change their difficulties into opportunities, improving the quality of their life through the acknowledgement of their capabilities, priorities, desires, values, objectives and choices.


All of the group listenings are dedicated to women and mothers who live real unease situations because of economic, social, welfare or other kind of reasons. The listening encounters are dedicated above all to unemployed moms and women, so that they can gain self-esteem, putting themselves back into play within the job market and in their life, discovering their hidden skill and doing what they most love.

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